Vegas Baby!

So where will this week lead us? Will the top 3 remain the Voltaggio brothers and Jennifer? Let us jump in and find out!

Quickfire Challenge:

Daniel Boulud is waiting with Tom as our chefs show up. They are going to have to do the snail challenge. They have 45 minutes to make a dish with escargot as their protein. Someone will win immunity with a bonus and someone will be kicked out. Mattin may have a bit of an unfair advantage. A few of the dishes were “interesting”. The top 3 were Mike, Kevin, and Jennifer. The winner was Kevin so he has immunity. The bottom 3 were Jesse, Ashley, and Robin. They are getting a 2nd chance. They get 20 minutes to make 1 amuse bouche out of whatever they find in the kitchen. The loser will go home. Robin made a soup for her amuse where as the other 2 do appear to be a bite. Tom and Boulud were not really happy with any of the 3. They were all good ideas but not executed right. The chef with the worst was Jesse. I have to say I am not all that surprised. She has been riding the bottom the whole time.

Elimination Challenge:
We are faced with a knife draw that Kevin is not participating in. Each knife has a classic French sauce on it or a traditional French protein. They will be working in pairs with 1 sauce and 1 protein. They will then serve to a table of French chefs, including the French chef of the century Joel Robuchon. Kevin will not be cooking but instead will eating with the French chefs. One of the teams is Jennifer with Michael V. I think that is the team to watch. Mike I wants to do a new take on Bearnaise and wants to do it deconstructed. Ron says he has done frog legs a lot before and has French training. Robin is worried about reheating her lobster without it getting overdone. Ashley is totally letting Mattin take the lead since he is French. I have a feeling that it may backfire. Hector was having issues getting the steak to temperature.

Michael V and Jennifer- Rabbit and Sauce Chasseur
Mike I and Bryan- Trout and Sauce Bearnaise
Ashley and Mattin- Sauce Veloute and Poussin (young chicken)
Eli and Laurine- Lobster and Sauce Americaine
Hector and Ash-Chateaubriand and Steak au Proivre
Robin and Ron – Sauce Meuniere and Frog Legs

Service and Judging:
Ron and Robin go first and it wasn’t a big hit. They thought it was a tough dish but the legs weren’t quite right. Then up goes Mike and Bryan. Their dish seemed to be a big hit. Then Eli and Laurine’s dish was up. The lobster was tough. They say it is ok but not quite right. Then Mattin and Ashley are up. The chicken was bland and the sauce was to much bacon. Then Jennifer and Michael V served. It was once again a hit with perfectly cooked rabbit. Hector waited late to cut the beef and it was bloody. They knew there wasn’t enough sauce on the plates. The judges didn’t like how the meat was cooked, the lack of sauce and how the meat was cut.

First up to see the judges were Bryan, Mike, Michael and Jennifer. The winner was Bryan with his trout. His extra prize was to work at Robuchon’s restaurant for a week. Next up was Ashley, Mattin, Hector and Ash. The chicken was seared and dried out. The veloute was closer to a gravy. The judges didn’t like all the bacon and thought there should have been an asparagus veloute. Ashley had suggested it but Mattin had shot it down. They wanted more au poivre sauce and they didn’t like how the meat was cut. Bouchon pointed out that the meat should have only been cooked a half hour so there should have been plenty of time.

In the end Hector got sent home. It had been pointed out that the beef was the easiest dish and he didn’t do it well.

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