And the Fires Keep Burning!

So we are really starting to narrow the field and hopefully it is going to get really good! I think this week will be really interesting with Suzanne on the guys team!

The guys straight up told Suzanne that they didn’t want her on their team, don’t like her attitude and don’t like her.
So everyone heads to the kitchen and are met with Scott. They drop a tv screen with Gordon on it, he has gone to Whistler. The resturant they are playing for is know for local ingredients. Gordon had the local ingredients flown in and they have to make 3 dishes using the 15 ingredients and not repeating them. So they all get cooking. Sabrina and Suzanne are each being shut out on their teams. Ariel and Tenille thought they had lamb as an ingredient but it wasn’t. Sabrina knew it and never told them since they were ignoring her. Gordon flew back in to taste the food and he brought Sasha Cohen and Johnny Mosley to judge. Tenille presented the “lamb” dish and admitted that she didn’t know what it is but then said it was venison. They said that it was that they were just momentarily confused but knew it was venison. Van then blanked out as to what was in his dish. In the end the blue team won.
So the punishment for the red team’s loss was to work on a farm and to clean the pig pen. The blue team was off to meet Mark Peel at his top restaurant. They had grilled cheese sandwiches made in front of them. Ariel has a pig phobia and Tenille kept wrenching.
Before dinner service they had to design their own menus. They had to do 3 apps, 3 entrees, and 3 desserts. Tenille wasn’t coming up with fine dining suggestions but she had to have input. The blue team seemed to be really smooth on their menu. The red team seemed to be having lots of problems with theirs. Then they presented to Ramsay. Everyone on the blue team loved theirs but Sabrina wasn’t happy with Tenille’s app. Ramsay said it wasn’t something he would order but they have to be careful with the balance. It isn’t pointed out that none of the apps came from Sabrina. Of course this challenge means that the diners get to choose which menu to order off of.
So service started. Most of the orders started out of the blue menu. Tenille had never made chard and didn’t know how, even though it was on her station. On the blue team, Van is making more scallops than needed. The red’s ravioli came back because the meat in the center was frozen. Then Van had black bits on his scallops. Then more raviolis came back cold. The blue team took a commanding lead and then Dave hurt his arm with a nerve issue. But Dave went back out and was working it. Both sides are doing well part way into service. But then Sabrina seemed to be falling behind. While they were waiting on Tenille’s broccolini she took a sweep break. Then Van started messing up the same plate repeatedly. Then Sabrina also messed up the same halibut. So then Ramsay called up both Sabrina and Van then he said to shut down the kitchens.
No one won. Each team had to come up with 1 name for elimination. Van wants to put up Suzanne. Tenille wanted to send up Sabrina and Sabrina wanted to send up Tenille. In the end Sabrina and Van. But Dave did say that the weakest chef over all was Suzanne. In the end Sabrina was sent home.
Then we head into the second hour!
So the next day everyone gets their black jacket! Then the chefs go into the kitchen and Gordon is cooking. He was making one of his signature dishes from his restaurant in London. It was time for “taste it and make it” in pairs. It was Van/Ariel, Tenille/Kevin, and Dave/Suzanne. They got a dish from his LA restaurant to recreate. Van dropped the fish on the floor in the last minute so they had to do a rush cook on a new piece. All 3 teams used a different ingredient on the sauce. The winning team was Dave and Suzanne. The reward was to go to Gordon’s LA Restaurant and have Christina, a former winner, cook for them. The punishment is to prep for service and to decorate for a “couples” night.
For the special couples night they are doing a chop salad for 2 done tableside and a porter house for 2. So Kevin will be in the dining room. Those steaks looked huge! Suzanne is on hot apps which means it has to coordinate with Kevin and his making salad tableside. Out the gate Suzanne messed up because she didn’t make enough tortellini for the order. Van started an entree fish before he started the apps. Then Van was sweating in the food. They end up trying to get out entrees and apps at the same time. Tenille was on meat station and she started taking control to get everyone coordinate. Van was having all kinds of issues from the fish not being cooked to it being cooked wrong. Gordon had it, he took Van in the back and gave him both a warning and a talking to. Then Ariel blackened lettuce. Then Gordon and Scott just walked out! Then we go to commercial. I wonder if it is a ploy to see if they will quit cooking or if they will persevere. So Tenille tried to step in to take control. Ariel was in the weeds and Dave stepped in to help Ariel out. They started getting food up. Kevin was helping plate but then he had to out for the Porter House so he left Suzanne to push it out. She was afraid it was a test and that she would get it wrong so she wouldn’t plate. Van seemed to be a little overwhelmed. Then Gordon and Scott came back and he called them all up. Gordon then threw Van, Suzanne and Ariel out. Tenille, Kevin, and Dave finished up service.
Van was back in the dorm and was losing his very slippery grip on life. Then the other 3 totally handled it. Gordon told Tenille it was the best he had seen anyone cook meat. So the top 3 had to pick 2 people (out of those tossed) to put up for elimination. They decided to put up Suzanne because she wouldn’t plate. Then Dave said to put up Ariel because that was who Gordon wanted to see. But Dave wants Ariel gone over Van because she is better. When Dave said Ariel, Gordon seemed a little shocked. So Gordon asked Tenille if she thought Ariel and Suzanne were the worst. She said no, that Van and Suzanne should be up there. Gordon called all 3 up. Gordon told Suzanne that she was out of her depth and was heading straight to the bottom. Van said that he was tired of being on the chopping block and was born to cook. Gordon sent Ariel back in line. He sent Van home.
As much as I don’t like Suzanne, I really think Van was the right call. So will Suzanne be out next? We can only hope. We will have to see if someone looses it more.

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