Top Chef Vegas!

It has taken me days to get to Top Chef and I am so excited to see it so let us jump right in!

Quickfire Challenge:
So as the chef walk into the kitchen they are met by Padma and Michelle Bernstein. They need to make a duo that shows their personal battles (angel vs devil). The winner will get immunity. Ash was trying to make 2 custards but only one turned out. So the bottom was Ash, Bryan, Laurine while the top was Michael, Eli and Robin. The winner was Robin, much to everyone’s chagrin. Everyone thought she should have gone last time and now she has immunity. She did a healthy vs bad and talked about when she had cancer. At least Eli thinks that is why she won.
Elimination Challenge:
So to describe the challenge Penn and Teller walked in. They did a little magic trick. Then they reconstructed the trick. For the elimination challenge they will be destructing a classic dish. They pulled knives to see what they were making.
Jennifer: Meat Lasagna
Michael V.: Cesar Salad
Ash: Shepard’s Pie
Robin: New England Clam Chowder
Eli: Sweet and Sour Pork
Laurine: Fish and Chips
Kevin: Chicken Mole Negro
Bryan: Reuben
Mike I.: Eggs Florentine
Ashley: Pot Roast
Ron: Paella
Bryan is going to use tuna in his Reuben to change it. Mike I doesn’t know how to make eggs florentine to begin with. Michael V was making his own bread to go with his Cesar salad and encapsulating dressing. I love tech in food! His brother says he is a show off. Jennifer really didn’t have any idea as to a plan and that was during prep time. She is very classical and not used to deconstructing. Eli had brought a digital pressure cooker with him and the airline didn’t handle it well do Eli tapes it and it exploded. The kitchen did have pressure cookers but he wanted to use his. Many of them think Ron isn’t quite sure of what he was doing.
Service and Judging:
Tobey is back! First up is Mike I and Michael V. Mike I. used kale in his dish. The judges weren’t happy with it. But they liked Michael V’s salad but Tobey didn’t think the dressing exploded like it could. Laurine and Bryan served together. Laurine was having problems with her chips and burned some. Michelle thought the fish was dry and no one liked the chips. Everyone liked Bryan’s except Penn and Teller, who thought it was good just not Reubenesque. Ash was having problems with his parsnip puree being gummy so he didn’t use it. He used pea puree to replae the potato texture. Jennifer was disappointed with her plate. The judges liked Jennifer’s cheese chip because it was like the cheese crust on the lasagna. They all seemed to like it. But Ash didn’t fair so well. Ash’s lamb wasn’t cooked right. Tobey really didn’t like the pea puree instead of potato. Eli and Ron are next. Ron was having rice issues during prep. Eli did 2 types of broccoli in his sweet and sour pork dish. What is up with the broccoli? I have never had anything like that in either taste nor texture in sweet and sour pork. Everyone thought the rice was over cooked but not crispy on the bottom. Tom says he didn’t deconstruct it and it was a sad plate of food. Tobey didn’t like look of the sweet and sour pork but everyone seemed to like it. Kevin and Ashley were serving together. Kevin’s plate was a hit as was Ashley! They really loved both. Robin served last. Robin made a fennel flan and it was not good.
First up to see the judges were Ashley, Michael, Kevin and Jennifer. Michelle said she wasn’t a big fan of post roast but loved Ashley’s. They really loved all of them. The winner was Kevin. This was a big vindication since he got reamed last week over a similar dish. Then the judges wanted to see Laurine, Ron and Ash. Ash got slammed by Tobey for not using a potato. Tom hit Ash on bad cooking of the lamb. Laurine knew that her fish might have been over cooked. Tom said it seemed tentative. Tobey wanted a better chip. Ron did the “I don’t know how” thing. They didn’t like the rice and the overcooked seafood. Padma didn’t like the lack of deconstructing. I think that Michelle is thinking about walking over and smacking Tobey. Tobey was picking on them for saying Paella properly. In the end Ron was sent home. I think it was a long time in coming.
See you next week!

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