A Sign I Might be a Spoiled Wife

Okay, I’ve always been very open with the fact I’m a spoiled wife. My my line is even “I’m spoiled and I like it that way”. But I realize there’s yet another sign that I was very spoiled wife and this one is a little extreme.

So NerdDad and I plan our evenings that we do separate stuff on the same night and we hire a babysitter. We find that more a more efficient so that we spend more nights at home together. The plan for tonight was that I would go to the Girls Night Out happening a New Covenant and NerdDad would work. So about three o’clock this afternoon I was upstairs doing laundry and curling my hair. When all of a sudden I hear the Nerdster say, “I have to throw up!” of course the first thing I do is to tell him to just go throw up and of course he threw up mostly on the bathroom floor.

As you can imagine, this is change the plan for tonight. But here’s the deal I have with NerdDad, if no one else throws up (including the Nerdster) I will stay home with the kids tonight. But, if there is anymore throwing up NerdDad will stay home with them. Yes, some of this is because I do not handle throw up well. But I think most of this is because I’m spoiled. I mean how many dads do you know who’d be willing to be the parent with the puking child when there are options?

So yes I’m spoiled and I like it that way :-). And my husband’s a rockstar!

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