Abe and the Amazing Promise

Right now my kids are loving my blogs. That is because I got a chance to review the not yet released Veggie Tales: Abe & the Amazing Promise! Here in the NerdFamily we are huge VeggieTale fans. So you can imagine our delight when we popped this in the dvd. The main story is a lesson on patience that is about Sarah and Abraham having to patiently wait for the arrival of baby Isaac (it doesn’t touch on Ishmael or Hagar at all). It is a cute retelling that stars radio personality Delilah.
My 7 year old’s favorite part was the silly song Sneeze If You Want To! It was completely adorable. The part I absolutely loved was the musical Blunders in Boo-boo-ville about how fast isn’t always best.

If you love VeggieTales you have to check out Veggie Tales: Abe & the Amazing Promise! It comes out Fed 10th on Amazon but you can preorder it today!

(FRN Review)

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