Building Thinking Skills

Logic and critical thinking is the true cornerstone of all learning. I truly believe it. That is why I have always looked longingly at the Critical Thinking catalog when it cam in the mail. So you can just imagine how thrilled I was when I received Building Thinking Skills for 2nd-3rd grade.

Right of we got our second grader, NerdBug, on it. This is a 2 year book and for $29.99 it is a great deal. It gets kids right in to describing shapes because observation and description is the basis for critical thinking. Then it gets into similarities and differences. Then you are onto figural sequences and figural classifications. Then everyone’s favorite, analogies. Then they look at the verbal side of these steps.

The NerdBug loves it because it is a puzzle. How much can you notice? Can you figure out what the instructions should be? Can you make clear instructions? It was hilarious when my 2nd grade brought me his book and said, “Can you follow my instructions?”.

I love watching his logic develop. Now when he sees things he describes them so clearly. He understands comparisions so much more. It is great. I am planning on getting this core for my preschooler and my kindergartner also! This is great!! I highly recommend it.

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