Hell’s Kitchen 2/5

It is time for the hostility and cooking that is known as Hell’s Kitchen! Last week I had thought that the women would do really well but then they disappointed. Lets see if they get any better.

I give Coi credit for apologizing to Lacey. But when Lacey starts with “I don’t have the experience” it make me think she isn’t up for the game then.

They all seemed so surprised that they were awakened by the drummer early. They ended up having to get scallops out of the crates. I had no idea they came in crates full or water and sea weed. Then Colleen fell in. LA didn’t know that scallops came in shells. Where ever she went to culinary school should give her the money back.

In the schucking competition the girls got 35 but the guys got 36. The guys got to go to Catalina while the girls got to set up a raw bar. So Lacey went to bed and cried. She wants to quit. Robert didn’t get to go because he weighed to much for the helicopter (around 400lbs). Lacey didn’t go down to prep with her team. Then it looks like Ji hurt her leg real bad by slipping.

I can’t believe that they are once again having to serve something. Each team is having 1 of them serving the raw bar. Both teams seemed to have people on apps who didn’t know how to make risotto and that caused problems. Ramsay has had it with Colleen. He says that she is robbing people because she can’t cook. He tosses her out to the raw bar.

The guys won. The girls put up Colleen (duh) and Lacey. Lacey did well during service but slept through the prep of the raw bar. I think he should just send both of them because they will go soon. Ji volunteered to go because of her ankle. I think she should have stayed but I understand due to the pain she was in. Ramsay told her to keep her jacket which has never happened before. I have to say at half power she was still better than the 2 up. Hopefully she will come back next year.

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