Top Chef 2/4!

Here we meet again. I think it is going to start getting good now! Final 6!!!!

Quickfire Challenge:

Our guest judge is the illustrious Eric Ripert! Hosea is nervous because he is a fish guy like Eric Ripert. The challenge was to test precision and speed in a fish fillet tournament. Round 1 is sardines. They have to clean and butterfly it like Eric’s in 5 minutes. Leah and Fabio were on top. Jamie and Carla were on the bottom. Round 2 is artic char and they have to fillet it. It looks like the bottom 2 are out. Leah gave up, can you believe that? Leah and Fabio were out now. Round 3 is fresh water eel. They have to peel it and fillet it. Since eel is big in Europe, Stefan had a bit of an advantage. So of course he won the quickfire. He invites them to lunch at Le Bernadin the next day. I sense trap (and I saw the preview;).

Elimination Challenge:

They all go to lunch and Eric has selected 6 of their dishes to serve the contestants. Then out comes the knife block. They will have to each recreate one of the dishes. They will have 2 hours to prep and practice with Eric coming by to critique. Stefan gets to pick his course. Then the rest had to pick a knife. It looks like they put together a tray with all the ingredients so at least they don’t have to wonder what was in it. Now on that tray are basically whole fish so we get to see how the portioning is. Leah says how she knows how to do the fish but she was nervous the day before. Come on?!?!?! She hasn’t done well anytime she touches a fish. When critique time happens it seems Stefan is closest. Jamie didn’t even have Eric taste her dish because she didn’t have time for Eric to taste. What does that mean? She didn’t have it done or didn’t want to slow down? Either way I think it is a mistake. Especially she didn’t like the dish when she had it so I think she needed the input.

Stefan: Lobster dish
Carla: Escolar
Leah: MahiMahi
Jamie: Black Bass
Hosea: Monk Fish
Fabio: Red Snapper

Service and Judging:

Fabio got to go first. His bread was overdone. But they thought it was pretty good. Leah is next and she already knows she is off on the miso. Tom says the only favor is ginger and his fish is over done. Then it is Stefan’s turn. His sauce isn’t a light but Eric’s was done in a blender. They think it is really close. Carla is having a problem with her fryer oil. But my question is why did she only have 1 thing of oil going? In the end her potatoes weren’t as crispy but otherwise was very good. Hosea’s fish just isn’t the same. Hosea was still using to much zatar. The fish also didn’t rest before he cut it. Jamie had salty celery and knew it. The fish is well cooked but not quite as well.

So back at judges table they wanted to see Fabio, Stefan and Carla. The winner was Stefan again. Then the rest went in. I am afraid it is going to be Jamie because of the celery but she is so great I don’t want her to go. I don’t find people knowing the fish should have rested and just didn’t comforting at all. Tom says not many people knows that monk fish needs to rest. What? I have heard that monk fish is meaty and then needs to rest. I haven’t even tasted monk fish!

In end it was Jamie that got sent home. NO!!!!

Well, next week we get to see who the final 4 will be. Stay tuned!

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