Abortion rights for men, Good for women too!

Yes, you read correctly. This is taken from a post on Don Surber’s blog

A 25-year-old computer programmer is ready to file suit to block a child support order to pay for a daughter he does not want. The National Center for Men plans to use the suit to establish that men, too, can choose whether they want to become parents. The Associated Press quotes the center’s director, Mel Fiet:

“There’s such a spectrum of choice that women have – it’s her body, her pregnancy and she has the ultimate right to make decisions. I’m trying to find a way for a man also to have some say over decisions that affect his life profoundly.”

I also agree with his analysis of the situation:

That said, as long as we are going to pretend women have abortion rights, then the 14th Amendment compels us as a nation to extend this parental termination rights to men. This lawsuit should do what South Dakota’s misguided abortion ban cannot do: End abortion rights.

The double standard is outrageous. Consider AP’s quote of feminist Jennifer Brown:

“Roe is based on an extreme intrusion by the government – literally to force a woman to continue a pregnancy she doesn’t want. There’s nothing equivalent for men. They have the same ability as women to use contraception, to get sterilized.”

Excuse me, but the federal government collects $22 billion a year in child support. There are heavy fines for companies that do not dock the pay of parents to comply with this intrusive law.

But let us take it a little further. I believe that if women can decide not to be mothers, once pregnant, fathers should be able to also. I am talking at the time of pregnancy not years after. Let me develop this thought a little further. I know women who have had babies on their own. Meaning that the father has chosen to not be involved but his parental rights have not been terminated. So 10 years down the road he can show up and demand to be part of that child’s life if he pays back child support. I know some of these women who are afraid to allow their current husband to adopt the child he (the current husband) has raised for fear of the biological father coming back into that child’s life and demanding a role.

Mother’s can also choose to give a child up for adoption on her own. Yes, later the biological father can come back and contest the adoption but he is not needed up front. So why can women legally give up a child? If she chooses to keep that child she can hound that man for child support for 18 years. If you change this aspect of dealing with pregnancy you would radically change the amount of premarital, unprotected sex (in my humble opinion). This wouldn’t change everyone’s behavior but would change some. Let us look at a lot of the famous sport’s players and rappers. Or to take from Kanye West’s Golddigger (never thought you would see me reference that did you:), a woman can target a man (amd his bank account) and have him paying her money for 18 years. Maybe if that wasn’t such a pay off women wouldn’t be chasing after these men who aren’t of quality.

Just food for thought.

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