All About Spelling Review

I recently got the opportunity to review the All About Spelling program and now I think I am in love. I will admit up front that I have kids that good at spelling. We have always made a game of knowing how to spell specific words starting as early as 3. Those games as great but someday your kids will see words they don’t know and will need to know how to spell. Because reading and spelling seem to be closely linked, we value it highly here in the NerdFamily.

This is a program to teach kids HOW to spell in life and not just a list of words. This program is based on learning the proper sounds for letters and blends along with the spelling rules. This isn’t workbook based and it does take a little time but it is worth it! This method uses all the senses by having word tiles that the kids can build words with or pick out with their hands and by you verbally teaching in addition to any writing they do.

They recommend that you start with the first book regardless of age but you can go through them at your own pace. So our second grader flew through the first book where as the kindergartner needs more time. This is also a product that isn’t just for homeschoolers. I can see it adapting fairly well in a classroom. Currently they have 4 levels out and a 5th one will be out in 2009.

Let me also give a shout out for their customer service. It is a small company and they will help you with any questions. It takes a lot to impress me and they have. So go check out their program and teach your kids All About Spelling.

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