American Idol Confession

Ok, I don’t watch American Idol. I know it is shocking. But, this morning I was listening to KDUV, my Christian radio station, and they were talking about the big American Idol fundraiser that was on last night. Joe and Shannon said that the closing song was shocking and then played a little bit of it. It was “Shout to the Lord”. I confess that I just started tearing up immediately. The idea that the most watched show in television was playing that song is very exciting to me. After I get home today I will see if I can find a YouTube of it.


Here is the YouTube. Within a half hour of my posting this one of my favorite nieces sent me the link! There is talk about the editing of the original words of the song. They did change “my Jesus” in the beginning but I am not sweating it. Anyone who has seen an infomercial has seen this being part of a Christian worship album so I don’t think there is a mystery as to who it is really about.

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