An eclectic grouping and a disclaimer’)

Ok, you can’t say you weren’t warned. I am all hopped up on asthma inhalers and caffine so I am tired, shakey and jittery;) and I have a variety of things to comment on;). I was reading my Child magazine(One of my many freebie magazine’s) and I saw what, in my humble opinion, is one of the most ridiculous things. It was a maternity leather blazer that cost $458. Now I understand that I am cheap but really. I haven’t been able to justify that much for a normal leather blazer much less in maternity, and I have been pregnant 3 times!

As I am typing I am listening to Pandora’s Music Genome Project. It is cool because you can make customized radio stations based on your musical likes and dislikes. You can create multiple channels which works great for me. I am listening to my Big Band channel that has Michael Buble, Bette Midler, etc. I also have a channel for my Christian Music. The only problem is that you can’t compare lyrics only styles so my Christian rap and alternative pulls up some not so family friendly songs. It won’t pull just pull Christian music. I put in TobyMac(hip hop/rap) I can get Ememin. I don’t want my toddlers listening to that;). That is the only real problem I have found. I can listen to that channel when I am actually working on the computer so I can pass on those.

Well, I will ramble on more later. I should be working on my database for my Pampered Chef customers so I can do a mailing for my Christmas Open House. Jabber at you all later!

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