And How It Will Burn

So we are back for Hell’s Kitchen! The first episode of this season was quite dramatic with Ramsay tossing a bunch of people out during service. It leads me to wonder if those people are doomed and if so, why not just toss them now (other than it making the series run shorter;). Well, let us see if the drama continues!

Autumn is really trying to assert herself as the leader of the women. But I think the women are going to buck against it. Of course they wake all the chefs up at 5am. It is time for their challenge. They will compete in pairs and have to make 4 different egg dishes: poached, sunny side up, soft boiled, and scrambled. They only had 5 minutes. Siobhan on the red team is by herself. So Autumn decides that they are all going to help her. I don’t think Ramsay is going to be cool with that. So when they went up to evaluate Ramsay asked her how long she boiled the egg. When Ramsay found out that her teammates did some of her eggs, he was hot! Something we have found out is that Ramsay is really picky with the scrambled eggs;). The men won the challenge by 1.
So the guys got to take a helicopter tour of LA. The women had to clean, gut, and filleted tuna for the next night’s service. We have now seen that Siobhan is a crier! The girls decided to take the tuna out of the box and to carry it that way. It was very interesting to watch because a tuna is not a little fish. Then there were disagreements as to skinning the fish before or after cutting sections of meat. When the women are doing the prep, they are fighting and pushing around Siobhan. It appears that she just doesn’t have the confidence or knowledge that some of the others have. Then during the pre-service meeting Sal couldn’t tell Ramsay the desserts. So Ramsay tossed him out with a menu.
Service didn’t even actually start before the problems did. Autumn over seasoned her boiling water but said she was sure that someone else added salt too. Since they had to reboil water it set the girls back a bit. But Mikey messed up his first risotto by under cooking it. Then Autumn was seasoning Siobhan’s risotto while Siobhan was cooking it. Fran was having issues finding where she was supposed to be in the dining room. It took Mikey 45 minutes to get out his first risotto just to have it sent back for being undercooked. Hopefully the girls might win this on because they were starting to put out entrees while Mikey was still fighting with the boys’ appetizers. The girls had issues talking and Andrew was talking a lot on the boys team but it was to the food. Then he decided to fight with Ramsay. So Ramsay took him into the dining room and yelled at him. JP told him to go back into the kitchen but Andrew said he was done and left.
But both teams finished service. But there wasn’t a winning team. So they both had to come up with 1 person to put up for elimination. Jason and Mikey wanted to put up Sal. Jason was also mentioned. It seems no one remembered that Mikey really messed up. Over on the red team they discussed Autumn because the salting issue. Nilka was also discussed because she was in the weeds at the garnish station.
In the end the red team put up Autumn because of the salting and not being a team player. Ramsay seemed shocked when the blue team put up Jason. When Ramsay called them up Autumn said they wanted to get rid of her for personal reasons. When he asked the red team if Autumn was the worst cook they all said no. Someone said that Jamie was the worst chef. She said she should stay because of her heart and hard work. Jason says he pushes through and wants to work for Ramsay. In the end Ramsay kicked out Mikey because he was the worst in 2 services.

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