Another Intifada?

My childhood is filled with 3rd Intifada memories. I became interested in Israel quite young. So I remember reading Newsweek and watching CNN and being place of frustration because cafes and buses were being bombed indiscriminately. Why? It amazed me that the people of Israel knew that around any corner there could be another bombing, another madman. I also knew that this was Israel’s problem. No country in the world could or would help them.

Has the Intifada come again?

March 11, 2011 there was a massacre in the settlement of Itamar. Yes, massacre is an inflammatory word but that is what it was. 5 members of a family were stabbed to death including a 3 month old! Frankly, when the story came out I wouldn’t even read anything about it. Seeing the tweets made me cry. And we aren’t going to discuss its proximity to Purim. But I was hoping it was a crazy person cause every group has one (or more) and basically an isolated event.

I can’t imagine any person I know and respect endorsing what happened in Itamar. Regardless of what your political beliefs are about Israel can anything justify stabbing 3 young kids? I don’t think so but apparently many Palestinians disagree with me.

So jump to today. There was a bus bombing in Jerusalem. 1 person is dead and 50 are injured. Add to that the fact a bomb was left by the side of a road a while back and there have been violence in Gaza. While it is claimed that all of this isn’t connected it makes me wonder. Is Israel going to be thrown back into a state of constant violence? Constant fear? I am nervous how bad it is going to get.

Am I over reacting? Or are things getting worse?

(Please let me know what you think but remember, you cuss at me and I delete;)

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