Another reason to dislike Scientology

I have found yet anoth enlightening jewel from the corner. This alos explains why the Scientologist always have to recruit from the outside and never grow from within;).

Okay, now I’m on the Cruise Must Be Stopped kick; from today’s Page Six:

Abort-happy folks

THE new religion embraced by former Catholic schoolgirl Katie Holmes — unlike her original faith — actually encourages abortion. As The Post’s Philip Recchia has re ported, the Church of Scientology assigned Tom Cruise’s fiancée a full-time handler, Jessica Rodriguez, 29, who is a member of the sect’s elite corps, the Sea Organization. Like all Sea Org members, Rodriguez is discouraged by the sect from ever giving birth. And if she does get pregnant, chances are she’ll have an abortion. A former high-ranking Sea Org member now tells Recchia: “It is estimated that there have been some 1,500 abortions carried out by women in the Sea Organization since the implementation of a rule in the late ’80s that members could not remain in the organization if they decided to have children. And if members who have been in the Sea Organization for, say, 10 years do decide to have kids, they are dismissed with no more than $1,000” in severance. Our source’s ex-wife was also a Sea Org, and she was pressured by the church into having an abortion.

Katie, come home!

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