Artisan Pencil Sharpening?!?!

From WarburtonLabs

Ok, I get the artisan movement. Artisan bread has a real quality to it that store bread just doesn’t have. Hand sewn quilts will last longer and have stories behind them. I even understand artisanal yarns (made by fabulous people😉 to go into great project. But artisan pencil sharpening? You have got to be kidding me!

But alas, it is true. David Rees will hand sharpen your pencils (no machines here) for $15! He will even pick out the pencil for you. Then you get the sharpened pencil, the shavings and a certificate of sharpening. At first I thought he was using a razor and truly hand sharpening. But no, he is using those 25 cent sharpeners that I give my kids.

Right off I thought this was a little goofy. I understand maybe once as a gag gift but I just can’t see this being a sustainable business model;). Am I missing it? $15 to sharpen your pencil once.

This just shows that there are people with too much money and I need to figure out how to get some of it;).

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  1. Seriously?! That is absolutely ridiculous! Does he actually even need goggles & a face mask too just to sharpen the pencil?!

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