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When I recently attended the Disney Social Media Moms on the Road event and there was a Huggies Momprenuer panel with Alma Moussa. She talked about a fabulous product she invented and brought to market the fabulous Babee Covee (and has provided one as a giveaway for you, my fabulous readers)!

If you have had a baby you have probably been faced this common problem… You are taking a young baby out in its infant seat and you throw a blanket over the top (for a variety of reasons) and you struggle with the blanket or it would fall to the ground. Well, Alma figured there had to be a better way! So she created this blanket that fit perfectly over the infant seat. But she didn’t have room in her diaper bag for something that could only do one thing. So it also works as a nursing cover, high chair cover. shopping cart cover and a few other things. And these Babee Covees are the softest thing I have ever felt!!!!

Right now these are in some boutiques and Amazon but not many other places! So how would you like to win one??? I am giving away this gorgeous blueberry one!

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7 thoughts on “Babee Covee Giveaway”

  1. I really admire people who run small businesses because I don’t think I have the business savvy to do so.

  2. I have never started a small business. I think it is great but in this economy I think the corporations run a log small business owners out of business.

  3. I am part of a small direct sales business just starting out called moms Flourish! We just stared in October of 2013 and are currently at just over 82 consultants! Flourish is a company dedicated to selling products designed by moms created for moms! We are hosting the babee covee as one of our special products! feel free to visit our website at to check out the other awesome stuff Flourish has to offer.

  4. My mother owns her own small business. One day I would love to open a small business of my own! 🙂

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