Psi Bands Giveaway

psi bandsIf you are not a fan of Shark Tank or have never suffered from extreme nausea you may not be familiar with Psi Bands.

Psi Bands were created by Romy Taormina after she had experienced debilitating nausea (like I did). She had found out about pressure bands but while the research was great on it, she wasn’t satisfied with any of the products that were on the market. So rather than get through her nausea and try to forget that time, like I did, she made a better product and started a business!!!

Psi Bands are stylish and durable. They are a drug free treatment for anyone who is battling nausea for any reason! I really wish that I would have found these during any of my pregnancies!!!

I recently saw Romy on a Huggies Momprenuer panel at the Disney Social Media on the Road Event. And she gave me a set of Psi Bands to give away to my readers. So enter to win them for yourself of for some one you might know who’s life they would change!!

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  1. These sound neat! I don’t have nausea real bad, but my children get car sick, so these would be helpful to have! Thanks for sharing your giveaway.

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