Bacon Wrapped Tri Tip & Roast Potatoes

Did you know that Smart & Final has their own meat line? I didn’t until I received the opportunity to create recipe utilizing the Cattleman’s Finest meat in the Grill Up Your Summer contest!! Let me take this opportunity to ask/beg you to pop over to the Grill Up Your Summer contest and vote for my recipe!!! Now back to the blog post;).


I was perusing their meat case and saw a beautiful trip tip that was just begging for some bacon! So here is my super, super easy and flavorful Bacon Wrapped Tri Tip with Roasted Potatoes! This is a great grilling or oven recipe!!! I have a metal sheet pan that I put on the area that doesn’t have an active burner. That way I can cut up my potatoes for roasting. But you could just slap the meat right on the grate on the side that is turned off. It gets so hot here I like to cook passively on my BBQ a lot so it doesn’t heat up the house!

There aren’t a lot of firm measurements to this recipe. Some of the lack of measurement is about seasoning to taste and some is about growing a recipe to feed your crowd. I made 2 tri tips  in these pictures and use about 2 lbs of red potatoes.

Pappy’s Seasoning: Low Salt
1 Cattlemen’s Finest Tri Tip
6 oz Bacon Strips
Red Potatoes
Olive Oil

This is so simple but the crowd will go crazy! Generously rub Pappy’s seasoning all over the tri tip, don’t be skimpy! Then just wrap your bacon around the meat. Remember that regular sliced bacon has quite a bit of stretch to use it. Then tuck the very end into the previous bacon slice. It helps fight the shrinking of the bacon as it cooks.

Then cut up your potatoes. Toss them with a little olive oil and a generous amount of Pappy’s. Put the potatoes on a sheet or in a an aluminum boat. If you keep the meat on the sheet with the potatoes in the beginning the potatoes will cook in the bacon grease. Then heat your grill to 400 degrees. Put everything on the low to off side of the grill for about 45 minutes.  Let the meat rest for 5-10 minutes before you slice into them in order for the juices to redistribute.

Then enjoy!

(This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias. But while they may have given me the subject, all the ideas and opinions are mine!#GrillUpYourSummer)

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  1. I am going to tried to do it in another way I don’t have a grill so I will let you know how the results come. Thank you for the bacon idea.

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