Bargain Peanut Butter Cookies

I love peanut butter cookies with chocolate in the middle. But that chocolate is pricey! So for years I have always bought Hershey Kisses on holiday clearance. No one can taste the price difference.

But I have been faced with a problem. Hershey Kisses are getting harder and harder to find on clearance. At least the normal flavors that my husband will eat (he just won’t do things like raspberry filled;). So in the after Christmas sales I decided to branch out. These are the Butterfinger bells that I found on a huge clearance and then used a Walgreens coupon on;). So I paid less than a dollar for a bag.
But I was hesitant to make them for other people because I thought it would look to much like Christmas and Butterfingers aren’t traditional. Well, I don’t care anymore. These were super yummy!!! And, frankly, I think they look great for any time of the year!
So the lesson: Buy that clearance candy! Use it in your cookies and where people will see it! You will save $$ and come up with a new, great tasting combo!
(This is listed in Kitchen Tip Tuesday)

2 thoughts on “Bargain Peanut Butter Cookies”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Now, I need some chocolate… 🙂

    Would you mind adding a link back to Kitchen tip Tuesdays? Thanks so much! 🙂


  2. I think they're cute and I bet they taste amazing!
    I had some bags of red/green and silver Kisses from Christmas. I divided them up and put out red ones for Valentine's Day. Now I have the greens and silvers out for St. Patrick's Day. But no matter what the outside foil color is, you are right–you can't taste the difference inside!
    LOL, my word verification is 'foreasta.' Makes me wish I'd found some clearance pink Kisses to put out…"For Easta!"

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