Healthcare Summit Sink Hole?

From everything I hear about yesterday’s Health Care Summit it was boring. I mean really boring. I have only read a couple of pieces but I saw a lot of Twitter statuses fly by. Suffice it to say, not much was actually done and those who were there should receive an award for not going postal (I am talking about all you press, not the government types;).

But was there really anything done? Well, in the way of getting something passed or passable. No, not really. But I think in the net gain the Republicans/people against Obama’s bill did well. From the Tweets and the some of the articles it seems that the Republicans were able to really show some of the holes in the health care bill. Now I am not saying that America no longer wants any health care relief (though I think the Fed’s should just butt out completely) but I do think they don’t want what has been put forth already. I also think the American people realize that the people in the Summit may not be the people to design anything in this realm at all.
I am curious to see what happens next but on the whole I think we are going to sink more time and effort into discussing the Health care issues than actually doing anything about it. So just stop now and hand control over to the people. And I mean all the control. Like portable insurance and an honest to goodness free market.

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