Lunch Combo Meals

Usually lunches around here consist of the ever imaginative peanut butter and jelly. But 1 afternoon, I think I was out of bread, I just threw a bunch of things on the plate. My kids loved it. My guide is a little protein, fruit, veggie and carbohydrate. Here I have our most popular mix. It is baby carrots (with either ketchup or ranch), apple, pastrami lunch meat, havarti cheese, and naan.

One of the fun aspects of this type of thing is that the kids can really help. One can count out the carrots, one can use a kid’s knife
to cut the apple. One can even use scissors to cut the lunch meat or the naan. The kids are also more likely to eat whatever is on the plate because they helped. So this is a great time to try a new food!
For me this accomplishes 2 main goals. It cleans out the frig and gets lunch on the table quick!

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