Beaches, Friends and Women

So the other day I was sick, laying on the couch while the kids were napping and watching Beaches . The next thing I know I am tearing up and thinking about my childhood friends. Despite all the nerdiness and type-A personality, I really am a girl;). So I realize that I have 3 friends that I was pretty close with, that I don’t talk to or really know where they are. Friendship to me is both different and similar to the friendship on the movie. All 3 of these friends were very different than me in some ways. While we didn’t always agree completely, we never fought like on the movie. Though, like on the movie, they were all prettier than me, more popular than me and more talented than me. I learned different things from each of them and felt their acceptance. Now, I did a little Google search and found one but I am still complete missing the other 2. So if Cindy Veldin, Susan McNeil, or Nancy Epling are out there reading this(and yes I realize that some of you are now married)and remember Jackie Little, please let me know! Oh, Bridget, I include you in this group but I know where you are and what you are up to;).

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