Behind the Monitor: Bickering and Embarrassment

After a break I am back with another installment of Behind the Monitor. As a mom who balances it all that includes grocery shopping. Why am I so easily embarrassed? The bickering during checkout just about pushes me to the brink of nutty. Am I alone? And were you affected by the GoDaddy outage? If so are you changing hosts? Inquiring mind want to know!

3 thoughts on “Behind the Monitor: Bickering and Embarrassment”

  1. I can seriously relate and I only have two children. My issues isn’t even with the oldest son, it’s with his son. For the past two – three years my grandson has been a part of our daily lives (at least 5- 6 days a week). I will take my daughter (11) and grandson (5) shopping. They will do fairly well but just when you think you will get through it.. the bickering and meanness starts. Wow. I also remember a few years back I had my nieces (they spend about 4-5 weeks with us every year) that week. We went grocery shopping.. the ages were probably 11, 9 and 8 (my daughter being the youngest). I had to make the 9 and 8 year old hold the cart because they were goofing off.. so the oldest decided to play the quiet game. The 9 year old said something and the oldest said she lost and the 9 year old started begging for another chance and the oldest wouldn’t give chances which led to a huge argument and tears. Let’s just say the quiet game was banned for quite a few years. LOL.

  2. I am probably that person giving you a mean stare lol, since I am single w/o kids right now. But if they were just bickering, to me that’s fine – what sets me off is at the movies or whatever when there’s a sobbing/screaming child.

    I do try to have more patience though :).

  3. Liz, it isn’t the people who don’t like the screaming or fits that I tend to be most self conscious of because I am 1 of them. It is people who may really not like kids and while they may have 1 or 2, they really don’t like kids. I don’t want to be the person that they hold up as an example of why they don’t like kids or think that homeschooler suck. 😉

    I also need to be more patient;).

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