Behind the Monitor: Post Conference Let Down

It is time for a new episode of behind the monitor. I am in a funk. Yes, I may indeed have a bad attitude. I find myself a little overwhelmed looking at life and a little post conference let down. Am I alone in my overwhelment as I face a new semester?

Oh, I realized I never posted here my vlog from NYC during BlogHer. You can check it out on YouTube and let me know what you think!

7 thoughts on “Behind the Monitor: Post Conference Let Down”

  1. I think post-conference blues are like post-vacation blues. We get to have so much fun, even though it is crazy busy, at these conferences and we are out of that mom mode (most of us) that it is hard to go back to real life. It is the same with vacation.

    You had a week of exploring new things, having a maid clean your room and make your bed, tons of friends excited to see you, people giving you free stuff – it’s hard to go back to not having that for a week or so.

    As far as shortcomings, remember that even though you may feel that way, there are so many other bloggers who probably look at you and feel the same. Here is this nerd (your word) who has 4 kids, homeschools them, has multiple blogs, even vlogs, does a weekly TV spot, is active at her church, and has a really happy marriage – that is very impressive! Be okay with what you do, work on change for the things you want to be different, but still focus on the positive (you knew I was going to say that right?).


  2. You are singing my song, lady. I feel so overwhelmed by everything I want to do that I end up feeling like I can’t do anything. Or anything well, at least.

    It is just post-conference funk, fo’ sho. It will get better.

    Still so bummed I didn’t get to see you at BlogHer. Next time.


  3. You hit the nail on the head for me when you said you realized you’ll never be “that blogger” or even get half the stuff you’re inspired to do done!

    August is super chaotic for me, like most Moms, in that school is ramping up. I’m PTO President and there are a gazillion and one things to be done plus Cub Scouts, church, working at my real job, dealing with Hubby’s cancer/medical stuff, and the list just goes on.

    I always leave BlogHer with grandiose plans and excitement! Then I realize I just don’t have the time or patience or even committment for 1/3 of those plans.

    Last Sunday I was reminded of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 by WINGS (Women’s Ministry) when I was bemoaning how I wasn’t able to be as involved in church right now. The ladies said it was not MY season right now to help out. That God gave me other things to do and my focus should be on my family’s needs at this point in my life. Yes I should help when I can but not to stress when I can’t.

    This applies to my little blog and blogging goals too. Those grandiose plans and goals will still be there. MY turn will come in God’s timing. God has promised that and I hold onto His promise.

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