Bertolli Meal Soup

We all have those nights that we are going out but need to feed our kids or leave something the sitter can make. But I am kind of picky about frozen food. The kids need to have some vegetables, it needs to taste good, and not be greasy! It also needs to be easy enough that my sitter can make it while chasing my 4 kids;). Another component is wheat;). Since NerdDad and I are both gluten free, the kids kind of look forward to getting something with gluten when they eat dinner without us;).

So my kids were stoked to be able to try Bertolli’s Roasted Chicken and Rotini. They felt it was fancy and very grown up! My sitter said that it was easy to make and didn’t take a lot of work. The problem we found is that the younger 3 really wanted more pasta and less veggies but isn’t that how little kids always are? But my sitter and my 10 year old absolutely loved the soup!

I think that this soup is a great meal option! It is better for you than any fast food and probably quicker! Keeping this in your freezer is a pretty smart move! So check out more by visiting Bertolli’s Website, Facebook or follow them on Twitter!

(Disclosure: I was compensated to review Bertolli’s Meal Soups by GigCoin. But while they picked the subject the opinions were all mine!)

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