3 thoughts on “Charity and Valentine’s Day”

  1. Hi! Good to see you.
    Lots of steakhouses for answers 😀 Buckingham Palace! LOL Niiiice.
    Wonderful choices for your charity pick. Love the pen pal side of it too.
    Valentine’s Day is a horrible day to go out to eat. Ugh. But I have to admit, I loved working that shift when I worked in restaurants – good money 😉
    Simple is best! Love it. Have a great week 🙂

  2. I really didn’t use my imagination for the restaurant at all, and I am regretting it now. If you get to go to Buckingham Palace could you send me an invite? I’d be glad to blog/vlog it. 🙂

    We just now got to the point that hubby and I can both have a laptop as we sit on the couch. It is fun!

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