Cheap and Unique Dates

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be pricey. We don’t like going out to restaurants or doing anything super expensive. Here are some fairly cheap dates!

If you have been lucky enough to get a babysitter here are a few unique and cheap dates out:
1)The Arcade, We are huge fans of the Oh Wow Nickel Arcade here in Fresno
2)Save your ends from your bread and feed the ducks at Woodward Park (or your local park)
3) People watch at Riverpark (or local mall) and make up their story
4) Bowling or Pool on a buy1 Get 1 coupon!

Personally, we feed our kids and put them to bed early and chill home! Here are some great cheap options!
1) Board game night!
2) Video game night! You can get them for free from the library or cheap from Red Box. has great reviews (and I write for them sometimes;)
3) The classic, movie night. Also something you can get free from the library or for only $1 from Red Box!
4) Cook together
5) A picnic indoors. All the romantic benefits with all the comforts of home and no ants!

What ever you do we at the NerdFamily hope you have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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