Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway

Best Buy is trying to earn the good will of all the people who bought the HD-DVD players from them before February 23rd since HD-DVD so totally lost out to Blu-Ray. This going to cost them $10 million but I think it is a great idea at twice the price. Anything that will win over early adapters like this is worth its weight in gold. Think about it, they are paying out $50 to people who were willing to spend up to $500 on a player (that isn’t counting any disk purchase). These are the target market. They are automatically mailing out cards, starting in May, to people who purchased and are on the loyalty program or purchased on-line. Not one of those? Then just go into the store with a proof of purchase.

Does this rid the HD-DVD purchasers of the ill taste in their mouth over this issue? No, but it does help stop them from assigning blame to Best Buy.

Brilliant, just brilliant!

(HT: Motley Fool)

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