Big Girl Shoes for My Little Girls

My girls are flower girls this weekend and so I had to go out and get them shoes. They have adorable ivory dresses with wreaths. Rather than get a cream shoe that they would never wear again I decided to get a metallic sandal they could wear all summer. But I wanted them to match and that is a challenge because the baby is still in “toddler shoes” where as NerdPie is a
“youth” (yes, incorrigible youths;). So…

I originally was going for silver but we all fell in love with these. They have about 1/2 inch wedge on them. The girls are both excited that they have a shoe with a heel, mind you it is only 1/2 inch;). NerdPie said, “I like these! They are high!” But worry not, the 4 year old will not fall from her “stilts”. I caught NerdPud walking around in my 3 1/2 inch wedges (successfully) before she turned 2.

Now they just need pedicures!

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