Book Review: The Train of Thought Writing Method

Recently I read The Train-of-thought Writing Method: Practical, User-friendly Help For Beginning Writers by Kathi Macias (Published by AuthorHouse. She uses the easy to understand imagery of trains to enable you to successfully write. This is a wonderful tool that even includes areas to fill in with exercises she gives you. I am a person who loves the ides of writing but find the blank page and the initial organization very daunting. By going through her train steps (Laying the track, the cow catcher, etc) you never really deal with a blank page and everything seems to fall into place. I really enjoy her tone. Even though she is a very accomplished writer, she has a common sense approach that make you believe that anyone can write. Given that this book is only 78 pages, she is concise and straight to the point. Having taken a college writing course, I believe this is what every aspiring writer needs. I give this book a resounding 5 out of 5, a NerdMom first! So go read and write!
(I recieved this book from ACM for the purpose of reviewing it.)

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