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As we rush hurling towards fall it is time to talk curriculum. While I love looking through curriculum, I don’t like the word. It makes it sound like some stuffy, binding time keeper instead of the liberating, educating tools that open a world. But none the less, onto what we are using this year;).

Math: Over all we are sticking with Singapore Math. For the Nerdster we are starting with a throw away workbook to help him actually write readable numbers. Then we will start him in Singapore’s 1st grade workbooks. NerdBug and NerdPie will continue on their Singapore path with probably 3 workbooks each. NerdBug is just about done with the 4th grade books (about a week left) and NerdPie is almost done with the 1st book of 3rd grade (2 weeks or so left).

Grammar and Spelling: We are doing a grammar 5 a day with the older 2. Then spelling is just going to be home made. I am making lists of words they either need to learn or are having problems with.

History: We are going back to Ancient History this year! We will be doing Susan Wise Bauer’s The Story of the World. I am also going to be using the Activity Guide quite a bit!

Latin: We are going to voyage into Latin this year! I will be using Prima Latina.

Bible: Our book study is going to be Memoria Press’s Christian Studies Book 1 . All 4 are also going to be participating in Awana too.

The older 3 are doing Choir and Celtic Dancing. And then just the older 2 will be doing a science class that is focusing on biology.

Other than that life will be our teacher! If you homeschool, what are you using this year to educate your kids?
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9 thoughts on “Books and Stuff”

  1. Hi! I’m here from the blog hop. 🙂

    Looks like you have a great year planned. We LOVE SOTW and all the go-along books and great activities. Can’t wait to hear how your kids love it.

    I’m fascinated that one of your kids’ activities is Celtic Dance! I’d love to hear more about that…

    Have a great year!

  2. Hoppin’ over! 🙂 We are making our own Spelling this year too. Last year I spent quite a bit on a Spelling book that hardly ever got used. I like the freedom to choose our own 🙂 Sounds like you have a great year ahead!

  3. I love Singapore Math! Very fabulous. My 5 yr old is using 1A with fantastic results. We are also using Mosaic, which uses The Story of the World. I’m totally psyched up about that. Good luck!

  4. Singapore Math sounds intriguing. I’ll be checking it out. How do you like Story of the World? I love Susan W. Bauer, but I haven’t had the opportunity to look through SOTW. I’m impressed you’re jumping into Latin. Good for you! Love what you say about life being “our teacher.” So true.

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