Ovens, Ugh!

One of the few things I really disliked about this house was the fact that the oven was a manual clean. We could have upgraded but it wasn’t worth mortgaging it. But I have dreaded cleaning it. Dreaded it to the point I have waited 3 1/2 years! But I figured when you smell something burning on the bottom of your stove, the time for procrastination is over.

It was sad. That oven was so dirty that I went through the process twice. You know, warm up the oven and spray it down. Then let is sit a bit and wipe it down. Even after I went through the process twice it was still dirty.

But it was better than what it was. What a sad tackle it was, but at least it is better;).

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  1. I haven’t cleaned our oven in the almost 5 years we’ve lived here {hangs head in shame}–and it’s self-cleaning. Great job tackling an icky job!!!

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