Bratty Kid Gets Family Tossed From Plane!

Recently, AirTran Airways removed a family from a flight due to a bratty 3 year old. Now there is a little more to it. The FAA has a rule that a child over 2 must have their own seat and be in it for take off. So here this flight is, already 15 minutes delayed, with a child that wouldn’t get into her seat. That translates into hiding under her seat and hitting her parents. There were 112 other passengers to think of. How many people have missed their connecting flights? I know that NerdDad has. So the airline kicked them off. The airline got them the next flight, refunded their money and then gave them roundtrip tickets to any where the airline flies. I totally feel that AirTran was in the right. We won’t even get into the various bad parenting issues going on here (3 is still to young to be aware enough to be afraid of flying) . This is coming from a mom that has a 5 year old, 3 year old and an 18 month old. I would gladly fly this ariline any time. So go comment AirTran for their great choices.

(HT: Electric Venom)

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