Breeders, Ugh!

Ok, so I have had it with the term breeders. Someone can be a shmuck without blaming the fact they had kids. Dollars to donuts they would still be jerks with out kids! Or are people just jealous. Any way! Here are some of my other thoughts.

(PS, don’t pick on my camera angle. I should get my tripod next week.;)

6 thoughts on “Breeders, Ugh!”

  1. Anybody who has the nerve to address you as a “breeder” deserves no response at all, to quote the famous @unmarketing “you are not a jackass whisperer”

    be well & happy my friend

  2. Wow, never seen it. If you’re seeing people use it regularly on Twitter, maybe those are some people to start avoiding/unfollowing/blocking/whatever. Yikes. Definitely not the kind of attitude I want to associate with, but then again, hopefully others are responding in ways to discourage them from using those terms. Bleh. :S

  3. I am commenting BEFORE the video because I just KNOW that I am going to be insanely amused after. Love ya! If someone actually called you a BREEDER I am going to die!! ahhahahah

  4. Wow. I can’t wait to be reffered to as a “breeder”. Since my husband and I are traditional Catholics, it’s pretty much inevitable that we will have abunch of kids someday. Some people have gall, real gall. Especially if they are single and have no children. They don’t know what it’s like (not even close), thy have no right to be judgey mcjudgerson on you. I hope you don’t have to interact with these people on a daily basis, it would be a serious struggle for me to keep my mouth shut.

  5. Paused at 35 seconds. I always think of breeders in the idea of animal breeding and that is expensive, time consuming and you better love it because its going to be awhile before you can reap the reward. Okay- back to the vlog.

    Paused at 50 seconds. “urban dictionary” is actual used for reference now? haha!!

    Paused at 2:15. Good thing you rephrased because I was about to rant about all those lazy parents or all those ^$&*%$^&%# people who think good children fall from trees.

    I have concluded that I will bear 5 MORE children so I can enter the world of royal breeder.

  6. OMG Jacki I LOVE IT!! Your comeback is great and bad me laugh. I haven’t been called a ‘breeder’ but was told i should learn to ‘keep my legs closed’ since my kids are 16 months apart. Wonder what that person will think when we go for #3? LOL.

    Now I do agree with you as far as places being family friendly I agree if they want my money they will make it easy for me to shop there I.E wide aisle for carts or strollers ect. And restaurants will make it easy for us to eat there. I would never take my kids to a 5 star restaurant but if i go to olive garden I would assume they would accommodate us. Or else I will spend my money else where. I have never assumed because I had kids I was entitled to anything but some understanding that i get less sleep then you who don’t have kids so excuse me if I’m a bit snippy and your dumbA!! remarks LOL. I guess thats why i tend to hand out with other people that have kids. they understand. same with why i tend to hang with other military wifes and not military girlfriends they understand lol.

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