Carnival of Homeschooling!!!

WhateverImageAI am so blessed to be hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling here at The NerdFamily Blog!!!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Carnival of Homeschooling here is the deal. Once a week there is a Carnival of  Homeschooling which is a collection of homeschooling posts. There isn’t a theme other than it somehow related to homeschooling. Since homeschooling is a lifestyle, that is a wide net. This is the 367th edition (I believe) anyone can submit a blog piece to it. Every week it hosted at a different blog so next week it will be held at over at Golden Grasses! You can get all the details over at Why Homeschool and I invite you to join the fun!!! The Carnival is once again full of great entries so lets jump right in!

I can not believe that it is 2013!! To be honest I typed 2012 and then had to fix it;). I am so behind I haven’t even finish the post on my word for the year. Well, Time 4 Learning has 5 Steps to Making Your New Year’s Homeschool Resolutions LAST! And I need all the help I can get with that. Proclaiming God’s Faithfulness is Stepping into a New Year and Free Devotional.

And I am not the only one with a list or trying for a fresh achievement! Savvy Homeschool says This year I will complete-2013! As for My House is talking about a New School Year for them. Why Homeschool has Homeschooling and New Year’s Resolutions too!

Homeschooling is such a personal experience. It is always great to hear each other’s stories and experiences. I think it help us tackle our own journey! Homeschool Atheist Mom talks about Homeschooling Fears in her series for prospective homeschoolers. Homeschool for Two shares How It All Began. Over at 7 Sisters they are talking about Homeschooling and Chronic Fatigue.

Then there is how we approach it all! Notes from a Homeschooled Mom talks about  Homeschool Classes and Homeschool School and how it works together! Reading-Writing-Learning talks about Homeschooling in Our Sensory World. Home School vs Public School talks about Teaching Diversity in Your Homeschool. Reflecting His Glory talks about Flexibility-Homeschooling’s Greatest Gift To My Family. I know flexibility has always been a huge blessing to the NerdFamily too!! Dewey’s Treehouse has a piece that really makes you think in Marva Collins and a war of words. Tea Time with Annie Kate talks about the mentality of the 80% Passing Grade (something I do similarly).

And lastly we get to some of the actual book learning;)! Homeschooling Hearts and Minds talks about Nurturing Novelists. Den School shares some Winter/Snow Themed worksheets. Epi Kardia reviews King Alfred’s English. I am going to have to check it out too because it sounds awesome! Trivium Pursuit has some great Winter Books to Read Aloud. Homeschooling in Buffalo has a fun Kid and Winter Prompted Science Experiment that we will be doing soon! 3 Boys and a Dog Deals have some Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Printables for everyone. And what is an education without music? Classical Music Appreciation with Gail has The Story of Franz Schubert (part 1).

And that brings us to the end of this week’s fabulous carnival!!! I want to that all the contributors for their great pieces. Please go read their articles and comment!!! Then write a post yourself and submit it so you can join in too!



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  1. Thank you for sharing some amazing post. I believe that networking with other parents that home school is an important to your curriculum.

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