5 Household Tasks to Kick Off Your Year

KickoffWith a new year upon us it is a perfect time to do a few of the much neglected but needed household chores! You can set aside a day to tackle it all or just do 1 job a day for a few days. Let’s kick off this year with a sense of accomplishment!

Lets start with the coffee pot because I need the coffee!! A clean coffee pot really does make a difference! Run 2 cups of vinegar through your coffee pot just like water to clean away the mineral deposits and gunk in your coffee pot! Then run 2 batches of plain water through it to get rid of the vinegar smell and taste! (The smell lingers longer than the taste!)

Change all the batteries in your smoke detectors! Yes, they will beep when the batteries die but that always seems to happen in the middle of the night around here. Buy a pack of batteries, grab the ladder and change them all in one fell swoop.

Another thing we all avoid but needs to be done semi-regularly is cleaning the oven. Don’t wait for your oven to hint to you that it needs to be done. How would the oven do that? Well, I had a friend preheating the oven and his smoke alarm went off. We call that a hint, don’t wait for that. There are a variety of commercial cleaners but there are also some great homemade methods/cleaners! They almost all call for applying something and letting it sit overnight. You could also do the same thing by setting it up in the morning to sit and taking 20 minutes in the evening to wipe it all down.

I find January a good time to do your windows both inside and out. Since it is cool the sun won’t bake on any sprays. Just take a bucket of warm water and add both about 1/2 cup of vinegar per gallon and a squirt of lemon juice. You can use paper towels or the more traditional newspaper and go at it. Or better yet, have the kids do the outside!

You can also take that left over glass cleaner to wipe down your glass light fixtures. Dump out any dust or bug bodies that have collected first and dust the metal bases too.

5 Often forgotten jobs that really make a great impact! Now don’t you feel all organized?

2 thoughts on “5 Household Tasks to Kick Off Your Year”

  1. Those are some good ideas! I hired a deep cleaning service and got the windows and a few other things done, but the coffee pot and the smoke alarm really should be done. On my to-do list for next week. Thanks!

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