Carnival of Pregnancy

So here we are at the first ever Carnival of Pregnancy! I have a few entries and a variety of things I have found in the wonderful blogosphere. First up are the humorous entries. Kim over at Life in a Shoe has a great post with Belly Button bandaids. While you are there take her labor quiz! Kailani at the Pink Diary has a hilarious Pregnancy Q & A. These are both must reads! I have my own humble contribution on Food Issues and Pregnancy.

Now for out and about on the blogosphere. First up is this woman, who is pregnant with 5.
Rise has a great Pregnancy Reading List. Once you gather all you reading material you can contemplate exercise at 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment Blog with their post on Elliptical Trainers and Pregnancy. Then onto political matters. Feminist Law Professors has a post on Pregnancy Discrimination. Workplace Prof Blog has a post on the Verizon Pregnancy Discrimination Settlement. While I may not agree with it all, I do find it very interesting. And last but certainly not least is a tribute to my nerdy side (ok whole being;) with a post on Pregnancy in Comics by Polite Dissent.

The next Carnival of Pregnancy will be here on June 29th. Email me at mom[at] by June 28th or go to BlogCarnival. Remember it can be any tone as long as it is related to pregnancy. And you do not have to be pregnant!

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