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Curriculum Freebie!

I admit it. I have a hard time picking out curriculum over the internet. I would love to hold, feel, read these books before spending lots of money on them but I don’t have a homeschool store around. Well, Rod and Staff appear to have a solution. They have a variety of freebies that you can request. You can choose from curriculum packets from 1st to 6th grade, verse memorization and scope and sequence packets. Just click on Free Stuff, pick out what you want and there is no shipping or handling. I haven’t received mine yet but I hear they are very generous.

Color Seperated Pep Talks

Last week I talked about concerns some people have about homeschooling, one of which is that kids are limited as to the types of people they are around. Apparently one public school think that separation is good, at a race level. Mount Diablo High School in the bay area separated students by race for a pre-exam pep talk. Personally I find this reprehensible as did some of the students. The students attended assemblies complete with flags of their heritage (or country of heritage) and they were told to do their race proud. They were informed how much better white kids on the whole do on these tests and were using race as a motivation. Now my kids are only in school with one race (at least the everyday stuff) but that is only because my husband and I only can make one race of child. But my kids are in groups with many different ethnicities and if I ever heard my kids making similar white comments, well you can’t even imagine what kind of trouble they would be in.

(HT: Joanne Jacobs)

Exposure to Bullies, Good or Bad?

When it comes to the non-homeschooling world’s view of homeschooling I am greatly frustrated. It seems that many people are frustrated with our public schools and admit that homeschoolers have a better grasp on academics. But they don’t like a)you are mostly around people who share your views and even more so b)that you are not being exposed to jerks. I was over commenting on an article on Two Babes and a Brain (read that comments too) about a district that is throwing out standards (you know, grades and grading). My natural response was that homeschooling was the perfect option. I was told by someone I respect that she didn’t believe in homeschooling for the 2 aforementioned reasons, especially since we as parents aren’t going to be around forever to protect our kids. (Don’t flame her, I am just using her comments as an example of an argument I hear all the time)

Then I was reading an article on a child that committed suicide over at Why Homeschool as a result of bullying. Henry points out that the public school doesn’t effectively deal with a bully nor the issue.

Then I was reading a final article over at Dr. Helen about the workplace being an extension of the school yard and workplace bullies. She began asking why these type of people are allowed to walk all over the rest of us.

People need to learn to control their emotions at work, but those who feel entitled, will continue to hurl abuse at co-workers if they think they can get away with it without any repercussions such as the embarrassment of being called out on the carpet for their tacky and unprofessional conduct.

That is when it all fell into place. As homeschoolers, I hope we are all teaching our kids to a)not be bullies and b)not tolerate be bullied. Imagine how all the world would change with that attitude. Part of the attitude I hear is that we all lived through it but is that a reason to do anything? I personally want better for my kids both how they are treated and how they behave. So I am going to hold onto the fact that we are revolutionizing the world! If the rest of the world is jealous that we are willing to do what can to protect our kids, I am sorry but you can’t bully me;).

How could you educate for $25000 a person?

I am assuming better than the Washington DC schools. According to the Washington Post the kids of the district have a few ideas:

Among the things that they wanted to see in every public school: “books when school starts,” “heat in winter,” “air conditioning in summer,” “healthy meals,” “water fountains that work,” “music and art classes,” “counselors who are able to help us” and “teachers who care about their students and can teach.”

My question is what are they already spending the money on? This is yet another reason for vouchers or even tax credits for schooling.

(HT: Joanne Jacobs)

This Week’s Carnival of Homeschooling

Welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling! I have the pleasure of hosting this week of many wonderful entries. I am going make a feeble attempt at a theme (for the first time) that is inspired by our new house. There are a lot of entries so let us jump right in!

First things first, come on in and get a cup of coffee and a snack. Go ahead and sit down at the kitchen table and let’s have a chat. Squiah in, I think we will all fit. Consent of the Governed asks a great question for the group in Hey Homeschoolers – What Does Success Mean To You? At Home, On Fire has a great post about her realization that home needs to come first, and everything that doesn’t fit has to be re-evaluated, especially with regard to homeschooling in train a “child” in the way he should go …. Grizzly Mama starts to growl at what she finds when carefully reviewing a newspaper article on unschooling in Unschooling. Fuel has made A Shocking Realization in regards to her kids. The Imperfect Schooler talks about how today’s young people have a goal of becoming famous, and schools are subtly encouraging this idea in Raising Stars. Marjorie at Life Without School as How Much is Too Much? in regards to kids and their input on their own education. Dana at Principled Discovery has a great entry this week with If you want your child socialized…a public school satire. Mother Crone’s Homeschool offers us Thoughts of Love. It is a sweet story of a conversation between this mother and her homeschooled tween. Alasandra’s post Chinese New Year has resources for celebrating the Chinese New Year and is about how she is feeling overbooked. Phil for Humanity has a discussed having motivation for college before entering in Motivation for College. Nose in a Book tell us all “I went to a great support group meeting last night“. Gina at Home Where They Belong tells about a Teacher Arrested After 4th Graders Witness….

While we are near the kitchen, let us stop at the island where we do all our messy projects. No Fighting, No Biting! talks about Science: the subject with the most prep and cleanup. The Scratching Post has a great project for us: DIY Wind Vane. Henry at Why Homeschool writes about how eating and education have some similar issues in Eating and Education.

Of course we are going to have a nice sit at the homeschool work table. The Learning Umbrella has a great post on Making Up Math Games. It’s a post about how games can be a fun way to learn basic math facts, and describing four games they have created for their preschooler. The Deputy Headmistress at the Common Room has an interesting article on The Slow Reading Movement. Pass the Torch has a cute Spelling Test post. More4Kids has a great piece on Fine Arts For Homeschooled Children. I can say that this is an area that I need all the help I can get! Life is Not a Cereal has a great learning piece in Hand-spun Holidays: Valentine’s Day. The Thinking Mother is Answering a Question About My Experience With Natural Speller curriculum. Let’s Play Math presents Story Problem Challenge Revisited about how writing their own story problems can help students build understanding. And besides, it’s lots of fun!

Let’s make a quick stop at the mailbox. Guilt-Free Homeschooling is answering questions From the Mailbox: Read-Aloud Disruptions.

Now we stop at one of our favorite spots, the computer nook. Information Age Education discusses a new skill for the new millenium: Teach your children about creating and maintaining a positive On-line Profile and presence. Stop the Ride! has great information in Thirteen Free Educational Web Sites Kids Love.

Here we are at the prayer closet. A Child’s Geography offers us a look at faith through compassion and what to teach in The Only Religion. Teaching Diligently has a piece on a way to teach kids about God in Scripture Memorization, Learning WHO God is.

Now is it time for a break on the couch, near the bookshelves and the TV. HomeSchool Buzz shares a picture book for art appreciation with Katie and the Sunflowers. HSB Company Porch takes a break and talks about a great TV show in My tip for the day: Drive thru!!

Next we go to the backyard and beyond. All Info About Home Schooling has a great piece on The Great Backyard Bird Count! New Covenant talks about a trip to the Griffith Observatory in Abstract Solar.

That wraps up this week’s carnival. I want to thank you all for coming. Now go link, read and comment on our great entries. If you have an article you would like to submit for next week carnival go here for all the instructions how. Next week our carnival will be hosted by Homeschool Hacks.