Exposure to Bullies, Good or Bad?

When it comes to the non-homeschooling world’s view of homeschooling I am greatly frustrated. It seems that many people are frustrated with our public schools and admit that homeschoolers have a better grasp on academics. But they don’t like a)you are mostly around people who share your views and even more so b)that you are not being exposed to jerks. I was over commenting on an article on Two Babes and a Brain (read that comments too) about a district that is throwing out standards (you know, grades and grading). My natural response was that homeschooling was the perfect option. I was told by someone I respect that she didn’t believe in homeschooling for the 2 aforementioned reasons, especially since we as parents aren’t going to be around forever to protect our kids. (Don’t flame her, I am just using her comments as an example of an argument I hear all the time)

Then I was reading an article on a child that committed suicide over at Why Homeschool as a result of bullying. Henry points out that the public school doesn’t effectively deal with a bully nor the issue.

Then I was reading a final article over at Dr. Helen about the workplace being an extension of the school yard and workplace bullies. She began asking why these type of people are allowed to walk all over the rest of us.

People need to learn to control their emotions at work, but those who feel entitled, will continue to hurl abuse at co-workers if they think they can get away with it without any repercussions such as the embarrassment of being called out on the carpet for their tacky and unprofessional conduct.

That is when it all fell into place. As homeschoolers, I hope we are all teaching our kids to a)not be bullies and b)not tolerate be bullied. Imagine how all the world would change with that attitude. Part of the attitude I hear is that we all lived through it but is that a reason to do anything? I personally want better for my kids both how they are treated and how they behave. So I am going to hold onto the fact that we are revolutionizing the world! If the rest of the world is jealous that we are willing to do what can to protect our kids, I am sorry but you can’t bully me;).

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