WFMW: Puzzle Organization

I was thinking up a post for this WFMW and I have to say that my best ones are not my own. The way that I organize my puzzle was taken from a book years ago. Why puzzles? For those of you who haven’t experienced this yet, puzzle boxes were not meant to be used. Take the lid off and put it on a couple times and the box is broken in the corners. The other challenge with puzzles is finding the errant puzzle piece and figuring out where it goes. This is a multi-step project but I promise it doesn’t really take that long. First get a box of colored pens. Each puzzle gets a number in a different color (the different colors are only important while the kids are little). Then write that number on the back of every piece. Then put the pieces into a zip top bag and write the number on the outside of the bag. Then cut out the front panel of the puzzle with the picture and all the details. Write the number on the back of the panel. Then get a folder for the panels and a box (a plastic shoebox works well) for the bag with the pieces. You can look at the panels and pick out your puzzle. Then just put it away! If you find a piece the kids left on the floor, you know right where it goes!

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