Pregnancy Carnival

Welcome to this edition of the Pregnancy Carnival. We have some very interesting and insightful posts so let us jump right in. First up is The One Year Exit Plan with “Congratulations, You are Pregnant!” Personalized Fertility Mantras. They point out the power of positive thinking when it comes to IVF. Then we move onto More4Kids and What Are Some Danger Signs Of Pregnancy? This would have definitely answered a lot of my questions when I was pregnant with the first 2. Jigsaw HC’s Rants and Reviews shares with us the Top Reasons to Fly with a Baby or Child. And yes, that means there are some;).

Then we move onto headlines with my own post about the 22 Week Miracle Baby. Venomous Kate over at Electric Venom asks Pregnancy: The Latest In Teen Fashion?

Next we move onto some great personal posts. We start with Dana at Principled Discovery with Pregnancy Update, or prayers answered before requested about a moment of worry and its moment of joy at its resolution. Next, PixelRN submits Switching Teams about going from an OB practice to a midwife practice.

Then the stories that tell us what it is all about. Emily’s Blessings offers Pregnancy Photo’s Blessing # 5 – Sierra Michelle that tells the story of her youngest daughter, including the years of praying by an older child. Then Homeschooling Hints announces Our baby is here!

That brings us to the end of this Pregnancy Carnival. Please read, share and comment on our many fine contributions. Then, submit an article and join us for our next edition on March 16th!

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