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Base Ten Blocks Rock!

I got these Base Ten blocks a few weeks ago and love them (you can read my piece on the Manipulative Myth here). What I like better is the deal I got on them! These are 3 different sets of blocks and I got them in 3 different colors/finishes so they would be easy to differentiate. We needed a little extra help in borrowing and carrying but we also have already used them to show number concepts to the 3 year old and adding for the kindergartner.

They are still on clearance over at Learning Express (and no I don’t make any money on this post but if you want to send me some;). The 3 sets are flats of 100, rods of 10 and single units. They all lock together and that was something (and the price) I couldn’t get locally. So if you need them, run over and get them because we love them!

Math Literature

Recently I discovered a few math story books that the kids loved. The first was Fraction Action. It dealt with simple fractions in real life situations. It dealt with groups and life. Then we read Subtraction Action. This was a great book that dealt with simple subtractions, chain subtraction (10-5-3) and borrowing. The stories and illustrations are quite entertaining and engaging. There are more books by this author that I will be checking out soon. These are books we can read again and I will be using for ever kid!

Frugal Homeschooler: Math

Hey fellow educators, we meet again! This time I have some great math resources for you.

First up is is AAA Math. It has real time problems and evaluations. One of the best things is that it has a little explanation or lesson and then the area you work. It has a start button and as you do the problems it evaluates you. It starts at addition and goes all the way up to Algebra and Geometry.

Then there is NLVM. It has a variety of on screen (Java driven) manipulatives and games. This is perfect as a help while doing other homework, reinforcement, or conceptual learning. It says that it is for grades 3-5 but I see stuff I will use for my preschooler and my first grader. So look for yourself to see if it something for you.

For those who like paper and pencil I give you the Math Worksheet Generator. They have a variety of elementary math subjects and types of sheets to choose from. These are great for drills because they even give you specific 3 and 5 minute drill sheets.

So here are some great math resources. Look, explore, use and if you have any great resources please share with me. As always remember homeschooling doesn’t have to be hard or expensive!

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