Chocolate Cream Pie in Minutes

When I was a kid Lyons restaurant had a chocolate cream pie that my family loved! You could go in an order out a whole pie (like Marie Callendar’s or Baker’s Square before I had heard them) and my family did for all major holidays or treats. Then we discovered a Dream Pie Recipe on the Dream Whip box! Dream Whip is a powdered whipped topping. You can change it up by adding different types of extracts (like orange, peppermint, or almond) but NerdDad likes it plain. I love that I keep most of these ingredients in the pantry. It is super easy, super quick!

2 packets Dream Whip (half a box)
1 tsp Vanilla
2 small boxes Instant Chocolate Pudding
1 3/4 cups Milk
Chocolate Shavings (as desired)
1 prepared crust (I use graham cracker crusts or oreo crusts, premade)
Put vanilla, Dream Whip and 1 cup of milk into a mixing bowl. Mix on high for 6 minutes or use a whisk attachment on a stand mixer for 3-4 minutes. You are looking for peaks. Then add the remaining 1 3/4 cups of milk, pudding and some of the shavings. Start blending on slow until mixed. Then beat on high for 2 minutes (scrapping down the sides as needed). You need to make sure that you see an even color. Then turn out the filling into the pie shell. Sprinkle the remaining shavings on top. Then place the pie in the fridge for a couple of hours to firm up.
That is it! I told you it was super easy!

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