Be a World Changing Family!

Today at MOPS we had an awesome speaker who spoke on being a world changing family. Shelley was awesome. Not only did she talk about some great ways to change the world with our kids (Operation Christmas Child, making sandwiches to give to the homeless, etc) she also brought treats!!! She made the adorable cookies herself!!!

But is it hard to be a world changing family, especially with younger kids? I don’t think so. The focus is to teach them to be generous and to care for others starting at a young age. The best way I can see to change the world is to show it God’s love. So start involving your kids (or start serving someone yourself) in showing love to others and that alone will change the world.
I think of the joy my kiddos have gotten putting change in the Salvation Army buckets. Or helping me take food to a family with a sick mom or a family that just had a baby. I love the idea of just making bagged lunches and handing them out to people who need them. I don’t know where you live but around here we seem to have people begging on every corner. You can also do canned food drives, collect change for your local Pregnancy Care Center or just about anything. Just do something no matter how small.
It isn’t hard but it is intentional.
That was a word that Shelley used a lot, intentional. This doesn’t just happen but you have to do it. Shelley had a great idea we might start doing. She has a friend that takes all of her kids’ artwork down to the convalescent home. I might have to start doing that. Between church and what the kids just make at home, we are swimming in the stuff. To think it might brighten someone else’s day and not have to go in the recycle bin (at least so soon) makes me happy.
So what do you do with you kids to make them World Changers?

Pray for Shelley and her family! They are a world changing family in a big way. They have sold their house and will be moving their family down to Colombia to preach God’s Word. They are not already in the ministry (her hubby is a teacher) and their kids are young (4 girls ages 10-6). So this isn’t convenient but they were called by the Lord. So I ask you all to keep them in your prayers!
Updated: I was asked why I would consider this a WFMW. I can say that for many years I was looking for ways to help my kids serve others. I think there are some really good ideas on how to get your kids active in showing generosity and love to others!

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  1. Sorry, but "preaching God's word" isn't world changing, unless their focus is on good works and helping the community.

    Will they educate other children?
    Will they help locals with health issues or community building?

    We must all remind ourselves that it IS possible that God is imaginary. It keeps us honest, and is required if we really embrace humility.

  2. If you are really there preaching God's Word and living there, you are helping meet needs. Of course they are going to educate their children.

    "We" don't need to be reminded that God might be imaginary because I don't believe that is a possibility. It is fine if you do but "we all" don't. Humility for many of us is found by knowing there is a God and we are not Him!

  3. Amen Jackie! Sharing Gods love and meeting the needs of the people around you is beyond anything else we could ever do for them! By ministering and meeting needs we are educating and helping with the issues that need to be addressed.

    I am thankful that I know my God is real!

  4. This is excellent encouragement. Our family takes on child-sized projects like this often!

  5. Isn't it sad that you can write a post about helping your children help others and "anonymous" people can get their panties in such a wad?
    Glad you posted on WFMW. I'm always looking for ways to involve my children in caring for others.

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