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So here is this week’s Christian Carnival. I will try to present these wonderful offerings in a logical manner as befits a nerd. Please peruse the thoughtful posts and tell the authors what you think!

Issues in the Body: We all have issues with other Christians and there are a couple pieces that articulate that view. The Blog Of Dysfunction says that, “God blogs are bugging me“. If you like that you will love the 20 reasons you ought to be a bloghound from the Disciple’s Journal. Amazing Grace has had it with Fat Head Christian Leaders. And ParableMan is standing up for the body by responding to a recent piece at the Huffington Post that grossly misrepresents the apolitical and political diverse missions organization Campus Crusade for Christ as a political operative of the Bush Administration in Evangelighouls. With yet another issue with in the body, Keith DeRose at the Generous Orthodoxy Think Tank reflects on the possible effects of institutional pressures on the degree to which universalism is openly accepted among those who belong to, and especially those employed by, various Christian institutions in Underground Universalism.

Let us move from church politics to society and politics. Ales Rarus has an interesting article, Mangling, Mishandling, and Misrepresentation of Science in the Plan B Debate. Looking to Hollywood, Nehring tells us about a Christian film, Facing The Giants, that has been given a higher film rating because it was too “proselytizing” in JESUS LOVES YOU BUT HOLLYWOOD THINKS YOU’RE A JERK. In Death Tax Lives, Leslie Carbone describes the moral hazards of the estate tax.

When you deal with politics and society, homosexuality always needs it own grouping (due to size). We have a few very interesting articles on the subject. We start with Xyba over at Once More Into the Breach. In Communion Denied to Activists, they talk about a group known as the Rainbow Sash Movement coming to church to accept Communion while wearing a rainbow sash as an indication of their pride in being homosexual. Tom Gilson asks some interesting questions in Hijacking the Civil Rights Legacy. Such as: The Gay Rights movement uses the language of Civil Rights, but does this really fit? Are they supporting the far more historic freedoms of religion and speech? Stacy has a great post in My Conversation with a Gay Man. It is very suprising and insightful.

Now we are onto marriage and family. This week it seems there was a lot on this subject. Let’s begin with the basics with What is Marriage? from Adam’s blog. He takes this complex question and opens a complex but well written dialog. Richard H. Anderson looks at another complex subject with More on Intermarriage. This is a deep historical and scriptural analysis.

Transitioning from marriage to family and education is an article by Crossroads. Adult Children of Divorce – Part 2 is a continuation on her examination of the effects. The Arkansas Razorbaptist writes an article, Encouraging Christian Education, that deals with the resolution that will be before the Southern Baptist Convention again. Trivium Pursuit has a wonderful post on classical education, Having It All Together. Congrats to all of you who do have it all together, please let me in on you secret;). Last in the family arena, anyone who has kids will relate to Mama Duck’s offering in Keyboard Decor.

For a change of speed we have a couple of book reviews this week. Rod Heggy of Terra Extraneus says David Murrow’s book, “Why Men Hate Church,” makes one of the most important observations of this decade about church practices. Among other points: Christian music in worship services and on Christian radio stations has been “Manilowized” — music written for a female audience, but leaving men bored silly. Mark Olson presents us with a book review of The Illumined Heart. It is about the onlooking East and what might be gained from that exercise. This last one isn’t exactly a book review but it does descibe the effect Peacemaking Women is having over at Lux Venit.

Next up is theology. First up a hard one. Rev Bill asks the question — Is Hell Real? Andre at Every Square Inch poses the question, How Much Does God Weigh? There are 2 posts about David and Goliath. The first is Christ in the Story of David and Goliath by Michele at Life Under the Sun. The second is by rev-ed over at Attention Span called Content in Our Tents. It deals with Saul hiding in his tent. Sun and Shield has a great post On growing old. It is insightful about a subject we will all encounter. The Penitent Blogger encourages us to Be peculiar. Some of us already have that down but hopefully in the right way;). Fernnook Farmgirl has a great piece on what we know as believers. David at All Kinds of Time has a wonderful post on Tithing and Mal 3:10.

Somewhat continuing theology is the Christian life. They should be one in the same, true? First up, Don Bosch at The Evanagelical Ecologist blog reports on a guy in California who says a tiny house would do wonders to improve your spirituality and the environment. Think he’s right? Then Ashley at Intellectuelle asks whether living out the gospel looks different in the suburbs than it does in the city in God of the ‘burbs and the cities. Then Jennifer at Snapshot tells us what it is like Hearing From God regarding moving and buying homes. Then we look at the spiritual and emotional effects others have upon us. We start with Allthings2all with in The Merciful Stripper. It is a true story and modern day parable about a bar, a burglary and a stripper – and the difference between theory and practice. Then we have 2 posts both dealing with the effects others and their stories have on us. First, is Jack Yoest with Scars Are Tattoos…With Better Stories (I love that title). Then is Voices in My Attic: No. 1 by Kingdom>>> Church>>> Culture. Last but certainly not least in this week’s Carnival is a sweet tribute to a wonderful woman. Melissa Markham at Home Sweet Home writes Rest in Peace, Nanny. If only we all have just a postive impact. And Melissa, I am sorry for your family’s loss.

That is it for this week. May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ shine upon you all. Amen.

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