Coffee Talk

If you are here from my segment on Central Valley Today welcome! My tip on A Chemical Free & Clean Microwave is over on NerdFamily Food and I have a giveaway for a great blanket that ends today so make sure you enter!!! You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook too! And thank you for dropping by!!

On Central Valley Today I highlighted Coffee Talk by Pressman Games. It is a fun, social game that is all about word associations! Once a topic card is drawn from the super cute coffee bag you get 45 seconds to write down as many words relating to that topic as you can. Then you go around the room if someone else got your word you cross it off your list. Then you get the amount of points equal to your unique word count. The first person to 30 wins! It is that simple! You can get this as a last minute gift at Toys R Us for $17.99 or order it from Amazon for $15.99! It is great for the coffee lover or any fun person you know!

(I was provided a copy of Coffee Talk to evaluate)

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