Cooking From the Pantry: The Concerns

So I started cooking from my pantry last week and I am aiming at doing it through the month. FishMama asked us how were doing and what our concerns or issues were. Well I have a couple. My big one is knowing where the line is. Do we eat past 4 days a week until it is gone or should I buy potatoes? How much augmenting should I do? I am not sure. The other concern is that my family will become bored. I am cooking a ham out of the freezer but I really only know a couple of things to do with the leftovers (and there will be leftovers). Normally I would freeze what was left in 1 of the 2 dishes I know but that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

Another issue…Is it ok to skip or toss the stuff we don’t want? You know you do it to..the can of something you should have on hand but don’t care for all that much. We have a few. My husband would like to not be home the nights I use those;). I have learned to not replace them.

Now on the bright side. We are doing pretty good. My goal is to not buy any more meat until my freezer is defrosted and so far so good. We have already thawed some beef to find out that it wasn’t so good. I am taking that as a hint that I need to better manage my freezer inventory after this little experiment so at least I have learned a lesson;).
How about you? Are you doing the pantry challenge? What issues are you having?

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