Tackle It Tuesday: The War on K’Nex!

I have been attacked by K’Nex!!!!!! Well, I think I bought most of them but still. They were loose!!!! Above here you see the set of 400 that we got the NerdPie for Christmas. I sat down with each of the older 2 separately and we sorted their K’Nex into types. Now since NerdPie didn’t have a whole lot I put many of hers into quart bags with sliding zippers. Then I labeled them with my dear friend the label maker .

But then I moved onto NerdBug. Let me just say that we have given that child way too many! I chose not just to attack the K’Nex but also the Legos since they all can go together. Instead of the quart bags I decided to employ disposable plastic ware to organize the pieces in. Then I hit them with the label maker too!

So now the K’Nex have been conquered and when I tell them to clean up there is no excuse for a cluttered mess! The kids have also told me that they like having them separated because they know where to get the exact piece they need. NerdBug told me this was one of the reasons he loved me. He would have never thought to do this and was happy I helped him sort;).

I call that a win win!

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