Good Cheap Organizing Tool

I have lots of kids with lots of toys. I need these toys organized but bins, containers and other organizers are quite pricey. I have found a cheap alternative (relatively). You know that disposable plastic ware that you use when you are willing to not get them back? Well they are the perfect thing to organize small toys. They are uniform in size so they can stack. They are clear so you can see in. And they come in different sizes.

What is not to love?

3 thoughts on “Good Cheap Organizing Tool”

  1. Mine aren't little any more, but I have to say this idea is a great one. And don't forget to keep your eyes open for coupons and sales. The brand that starts with a "Z" (you know which one I mean) has coupons all the time. Once in a while, you'll also see them for R*b*r-m**d. Combined with a sale and you can get those throwaways pretty cheap!

  2. And dollar stores always have sets of these storage containers, so you really can get them for a good price. Thanks for the tip.

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